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Paws2Rescue Neutering Campaigns Update 2022

neuter campaign

A key activity of Paws2Rescue work in Romania is to neuter. 

We started neutering in 2014, and each year we have worked hard in the communities across Romania, building our strength year or year.

Our campaigns vary from weekend, to continuous, from mobile vet clinic to community halls – no matter where in Romania, we will and do, continue to neuter – every single day of the year.

At the end of 2020, we rented a vet clinic and found the most amazing vet in Ortisoara, western Romania. We bought our first mobile vet clinic for the central rural areas and we bought a vet clinic in Moldova Noua.

In 2021 we neutered 2,735 animals across 14 separate campaigns and counties: Our Ortisoara neuter campaign proudly supported by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, which was the hugest help to the dogs and community. A total of 10,082 neuters up to the end of December 2021.


During the first quarter of 2022 we had neutered an incredible 768 cats and dogs in Romania and over 600 in Peru and Venezuela: and our work continues, because neutering really is the heart of Paws2Rescue, and the only solution to the stray dog problems in Romania and across the world.

2022 and we have specific campaigns supported by the dedicated Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. This means that our campaigns in Ortisoara and Moldova Noua can continue.

We are continuing our work with monasteries which we started in 2021, utilising the fabulous vets from the public shelter at Iasi, who give their time, their work and their happiness freely.

Our international neuter campaign in Peru was held in March 2022 and we neutered 624 animals, our partner team in Peru flying on to Venezuela to neuter another 50 animals in April too!

We currently have campaigns running in Moldova Noua, Ortisoara, Harlau, Miroslava, Iasi, Bucharest (ad hoc), Baia Mare (run by our partner NGO), Lugoj, Arad and preparing for Giurgiu county and our Mission22 campaign.

Please continue to support our team’s incredible work in rural Romania, education in the communities, and neutering every stray dog we can find.