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Please help Libby feed stray dogs!

Libby, aged 12 is going back to Romania next week to feed as many stray dogs as she can find in the awful sub-zero temperatures out there. To help raise donations, she is spending 48 hours in a cage: she wants to see how it feels for those poor dogs locked up in cages all day long in awful shelters. You can support Libby, an inspiration to so many, by donating to her You Caring appeal.

Libby has been going to Romania with Paws2Rescue and her mum for three years during some of her school holidays. She is a natural with all the dogs, and the dogs love having the energy of a child to play all day with them. On every visit, there is never a stray that we see that does not receive a meal from Libby. Invariably journeys with her out there take quite some time.

Friday night Libby entered her cage, quite chirpy – but we know that she will be feeling the boredom of the dogs as soon as her phone battery runs out! Please support Libby and help her to feed the dogs: