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Quest4hope, Bucharest Romania EVENT

10 June 2018

Our huge fundraising event is inspired by Quest4hope’s Rob Groves, and his team of Cefyn and Paul.

Rob was part paralysed in 2006. Facing a life in a wheelchair, he chose to fight preconceived ideas of just what was possible for someone who could feel nothing below their waist. There begins his amazing story and the beginning of an extraordinary new life. Rob is an endurance hand-cyclist and loves riding his hand-cycle. Life has taught him the importance of holding tight to belief, and never, ever giving up. Rob’s wants to inspire others to realise that just because he has a disability, doesn’t mean that he can’t achieve your dreams.

The Paws2Rescue team’s Quest4hope is taking place during our trip to Romania between 6th and 10th June with the events taking place on Sunday 10th June 2018..

During this trip, Rob, Cefyn and Paul will be taking part on a full marathon on the streets of Bucharest, organised by Paws2Rescue and our team in Romania. Joining the last 5km of their gruelling ride will be people and animals from all walks of life:

Raising awareness and donations for the rehabilitation of children and animals in need.

We are raising donations for the following Causes who will be taking part with us too:

  • Rehabilitating and supporting disabled rescue horses – raising towards an ICU box for our amazing friends at the charity Save the Horses Romania
  • Rehabilitating wildlife – raising donations towards an aviary for the wildlife clinic for L’Arc Charity
  • Supporting disabled dogs and raising donations for wheelcarts for HEART and any rescuer who has dogs needing help
  • Supporting the rehabilitation of an elderly horse by raising towards fencing a small area of land so that he can finally leave the enclosure
  • Support for the Disability Centre in Bucharest for kids with a donation so that they can enjoy an activity


Paws2Rescue is a UK Registered charity (1156882) that works to relieve the plight of Romanian dogs by supporting private shelters with food and bedding, raising donations for veterinary treatments and running education and neutering programmes. We also help some of these dogs to find loving family homes in the UK and across Europe.

Disabled athletes and animal lovers come together to raise awareness for the challenges and opportunities facing disabled animals in Romania.

Our main aim is to promote a change in perceptions about the notion of disability for both animals and humans in Romania. The participation and involvement of disabled athletes for the cause of disabled animals is a novel concept, never before manifested in Romania.

Our secondary aim is to promote a change in attitudes towards disability in animals, promoting integration and rehabilitation, and in turn reducing the prevalence towards euthanasia for viable animals that can be rehabilitated given the right conditions/environment.

Promoting animal welfare principles and the need for enforcing tougher regulation regarding animal cruelty and abuse faced by pets, farm animals and wildlife, and working towards reducing the number of disabled animals generated through human intervention.

Promoting worthwhile causes – passionate pioneers at the forefront of animal rescue in their specific niche – pets, horses, wildlife; supporting their ongoing projects by putting the spotlight on their achievements and dedication.

The participation and involvement of disabled athletes for the cause of disabled animals is a novel concept, never before integrated in Romania.

The race is not focused on achieving a specific race time, but rather on the coming together of people from different backgrounds with a common mission, on inclusiveness.

The collaboration between the different causes and projects participating is very rare (if unheard of) in Romania.

The common mission, of educating children and adults alike about the importance of open mindedness and inclusiveness is extremely valuable and needed in the current climate.

Save the Horses Romania is being established as a charity that helps horses and other large animals, aiming to build a large animal sanctuary with the capacity to take in critical cases and rehabilitate them.

The shelter is going to be built on a surface of at least 10 hectares, offering a permanent home for horses with disabilities, as well as facilities for horses and other livestock that can be rehabilitated to participate in social interaction and education projects (animal therapy for disabled children, animal interaction projects, etc.). Moreover, it aims to be able to provide a high level of specialized medical support, treatment, and recuperation regimens to incoming cases. Their aim is to educate and change mentalities about horses and other livestock, underlining the importance of responsible ownership and animal welfare.

Fundraising for an ICU unit for the incoming critical cases at the Save the Horses sanctuary.

Why: The majority of horses coming in have suffered severe trauma leaving them exhausted and unable to stand, requiring urgent and sustained fluid therapy and medical treatment.

Horse recovery is a particularly long, difficult and expensive process; in the absence of a hoist/pulley system, recovery is often impossible.

The distance to equine clinics makes survival difficult; the ICU would provide a critical middle step between first aid on location and specialized help.

Hospitalization cases are very expensive, and the ICU would minimize costs and maximize the quality and availability of treatment.

With the project continuously expanding, and due to our efforts to educate about social responsibility with regards to animal welfare, the number of calls is expected to continuously increase, having already exceeded STH’s current capacity to respond.

Costs range depending on equipment and supplies used, with a minimum of 1000GBP to begin setting it up. Many of the necessities can be built or customized locally.

H.E.A.R.T – Helping Elena’s Angels Rescue team and other disabled dogs
Elena has over 20 paralysed dogs in her care both at home and at her shelter Kola Kariola. We are fundraising to purchase up to 10 wheelcarts for Elena’s dogs or other dogs in need.

Elena’s dogs grow, or the carts become old and need replacing, and we really want to help financially. Elena and her team have a special place in our hearts because they work tirelessly to share their time and love with these angels.

L’ARC – Fundatia visul luanei
Fundraising for the construction of an Aviary for the rehabilitation of the birds that come under the care of the Center. 

Approximately 2000 wild animals from over 40 different species have been admitted and treated within the Center since 2014, with a rehabilitation and release success rate of 35%. The Aviary could dramatically improve the release success rate.

The medium and long term goals of this project is to develop an important native endangered wildlife reproduction and rehabilitation Center and to create partnerships with the authorities in order to confiscate, rehabilitate and release illegal wildlife kept in captivity, and the Aviary will be a quintessential part of it.

Cost: The Aviary costs range between an absolute minimum of £1000 and can reach upwards of £3000 depending on specifications.

Mada has rescued an old horse and without her enormous effort, he would not be alive today. Mada has built him a stable and a small enclosure, but it is not good for the summer and he is not getting exercise. It is all the more frustrating because Mada has land at the end of her garden, and for the price of a fence, Tristan the old boy really can enjoy his golden years. Mada is the personal Quest4hope Cause chosen by Alison Standbridge and the team.

Here is the land that the old horse could be enjoying.

Our rescue team in the South of Romania work with a group of children who are either severely disabled or have serious mental health issues, which mean that they are not living full time with their families, and they cannot enjoy a day out like we can, or enjoy everyday delights.

We will be raising donations to give the children a day of activities that hey will enjoy – it may be colouring books or fun paints, it will certainly include a party tea – whatever it takes – to make them smile.

Rob Groves
Rob Groves, competitive disabled athlete: Over the last ten years Rob has overcome many physical and mental barriers.

Over the last 3 years, Rob has completed in many hand-cycling events others believed impossible. These events have included Hand cycling from London to Brighton, 24 hour endurance race at Thurxton Motor circuit in which he qualified for Race across America in 2018, Ride100, hand cycled from Scotland to London 600 miles in November 2014 and in July 2017 he hand cycled the coastline of the England, 2,500 miles in 27 days, raising funds for his charities.

Paul Guest
Paul Guest. 53 years old From Essex, UK Former Navy Regular, Invicta Games 2017 Gold Medal Winner and selected for the Invicta Games Great Britain Squad for Australia 2018.

Paul ‘Bulldog’ Guest’s Navy career came to an end in 1987 when he was injured on active duty. He suffered injuries to his neck and spine which have caused partial deafness, a visibility impairment and incontinence. This means Paul needs 24-hour care to dress, bathe and carry out day-to-day tasks. Paul has competed in the last 2 Invictus Games and is a close friend with HRH Prince Harry. Paul meet Rob last year at an award show and was inspired by his work for Paws2rescue in Romania.

“Before becoming part of Rob’s Quest4hope Paws2rescue challenge, he had locked himself away from life over the last 12 months. Being part of the Paws2rescue challenge will give me my self-respect back. It’s given me hope and shown me a way forward.”

Paul is now holding his head up high again and is looking forward to competing in the 26.2 mile marathon in Romania: “It will help my family cope too and give my children a reason to be proud of their father again.” After the marathon, he plans on becoming more involved with Rob and his Quest4hope for Paws2rescue by taking part in more events. Paul has 9 children and 3 dogs.

Cefn O’Ryan, 30, former rugby player
Cefn is has played rugby for Wales and is a keen sports person. Last year, he had a serious leg injury and during his rehabilitation he meet Rob Groves.

Cefn works with young disadvantaged children here in the UK, after hearing about the work Rob is doing for Paws2rescue for the many stray dogs and young disadvantaged children in Romania he knew he just had to be part of Rob’s journey to Romania to help with raising awareness and funds for Paws2rescue. Cefn is the anchor man that will look after Rob and Paul as well as taking part in the 26.2 mile marathon.

Roxana Dobrica
Roxana Dobrica, 33 years old, competitive disabled athlete

Roxana is a published author, model, promoter of participation in disability sports, and a phenomenal athlete in her own right. Currently living in Italy, Roxana continues to support the Romanian disabled community and has an affinity for the plight of disabled animals.

Roxana is travelling across Europe to join us on June 9th, and we, in turn, wholeheartedly support her journey to qualify for the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020.

An inclusive race on June 10, 2018, composed of two parts, followed by a picnic in the park:

  • The Endurance Run: 26.2 miles in Bucharest, sectors 2, 3, 4
  • The Friendship Race: 5 km – Alexandru Ioan Cuza (IOR) Park, Sector 3
  • animal friendly, child friendly picnic in Al. I. Cuza Park, Island of the Dogs