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We are open! Paws2Rescue Sanctuary Update August 2023

We drove with excitement – today was the day that we were formally opening the Sanctuary!

Sacred Hearts Sanctuary  is in rural west Romania. Building started in 2021 and this was aimed to be a 3 year project, to build a sanctuary where dogs could have a fantastic life, to choose to run freely and mix with other dogs all day, the choice to be with humans, or not.

Many dogs have been so badly traumatised in Romania that they will never be homed, never happy around people, and simply want to enjoy a quiet life in the country.

The costs of the Sanctuary are entirely funded by donations from Paws2Rescue supporters. Ashley Owens has also raised £23,000 which enabled us to build the whole roof, and some of the enclosures too. As in the UK, costs of materials in Romania re increasing, and labour is scarce. We have had a regular workforce of just 3 people, who have been building a labour of love. The Sanctuary is being strictly built to EU standards, has a septic tank, running water throughout from our own well, and a full drainage system.

Whilst one side of the Sanctuary is open, we have not yet completed enclosures on the other side. There is additional work to be done, such as a second fencing, CCTV camera system. Once the Sanctuary is complete, in 2024 we will be building the vet clinic on site too. 

Our friend of many years, and partner charity, Luptand O Salvam Viata are running the Sanctuary, and they have purchased the land to the side of the Sanctuary too – which means we will have double the space for future changes.

This sanctuary will help many hundreds of dogs, and we are so proud of this footprint in Romania for the stray dogs.

Here are some photos from our Opening Day, we didn’t hold a ceremony, but we did have a barbeque in the evening – so that we could make sure the dogs settled down on their first night there too.

The hugest thank you to everyone who has donated, no matter how much, every £1 means so much, and it means even more to the dogs who are lucky enough to call this their new home.