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SAS (Safe and Sound)

If you have already read about our work, you will already know something of the truly appalling conditions in which so many of the Romanian dogs are forced to live.

So what happens to the dogs who are rescued but can’t be re-homed? What of the very old, the sick, the
traumatised? What of those so damaged that they will never again trust a human? What of those who –
through no fault of their own – have not become one of the lucky ones; one of the chosen? These are the dogs who are spending their lives with their rescuers.

Our rescuers care for them and they do their best to rehabilitate them. They keep them safe and sound.

Please consider sponsoring one of our SAS dogs, or buying this for a birthday gift for a friend!

For a donation of £25 per year, you will receive photographs and updates of the dog you choose four times per year (every three months) by post or email. Your donation will go to the rescuers, to help them buy food,
medicine, provide shelter and whatever other comforts they can.

The perfect birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift for any dog lover; or even as a gift to yourself!

Please see a few of our beautiful SAS dogs below, they also have their own Facebook page – Paws2Rescue SAS

Once you have chosen the dog (or dogs) you wish to sponsor, please make payment of £25 per dog by paypal, cheque or BACS transfer. Then you simply need to contact us by email to [email protected] giving us the name of which dog you have sponsored, and the name and address of where you would like us to send the pack to.

Your kindness is helping dogs like this boy to have a better quality of life.