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Spay and Neuter Campaign March 2017

We’d like to send a big thank you to Peter Egan, Ricky Gervais and author Angela Humphrey for their support of our 2017 Paws2Neuter campaigns in Romania.

We are following up our 2016 neuter campaigns with many more in 2017. Our first two campaigns of 2017 are in March, and being held at Tom Vet in Constanta Romania. We have already neutered 60 dogs, and a further 60 will be neutered during the campaign in 10-12 March.

Following these, we are preparing to fundraise for further campaigns across Romania.

Spay and neuter campaigns are a vital part of our work; without these the number of puppies being born is astronomical. By targeting the root cause, we can significantly reduce the number of puppies born each year. By neutering just one female dog we can prevent 67,000 puppies being born over a period of six years.

Please support our vital work in helping to control the stray dog and cat population.