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Trapped in a life of hell

Trapped in a life of hell that never ends, where there is very little chance of leaving alive, the dogs’ souls are destroyed. The desperate, pleading eyes, the bodies trying to squeeze through cage bars that hold them back from freedom – from the life every dog deserves.

It breaks our hearts to walk away, can you imagine how they feel? Just one reason why we go back time and again to the awful public shelters, to feed and to even save some each time means something.

Our last trip in the autumn to the East of Romania, and the same sight greeted us in every cage. A sight so harrowing, that it haunts our sleep every night, yet we have to go back. We have to keep speaking out for them – because they have no voice of their own.

These are just a few of the dogs who we saved – and we are back in Romania next week again – because we have to.