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Update on our brucellosis testing procedures 2024

Paws2Rescue first became aware of an issue with Brucellosis in dogs in 2020 after some pups were imported into the UK with this disease (not Paws2Rescue pups).

We immediately changed our preparation of adopted dogs procedures and started testing locally in Romania for brucellosis using PCR tests.

In January 2021, we improved our procedures again and took blood samples from each adopted dog in Romania, and using Synevovet, carried out both PCR and SAT tests. Synevovet in Romania used their laboratory in Germany for these tests. We were provided with a results certificate for each dog, which we then sent to the UK along with the dog’s passport and healthbook when the dog travelled.

Whilst changing our test procedures on our own dogs – we have throughout the past few years, followed all the information sources on Brucellosis, including our own work in Romania.

From the end of 2023, our blood test procedure on adopted dogs travelling from Romania to the UK, changed again. We now isolate the travelling dogs for a 3 month period, then take the blood sample in Romania. The bloods are sent to the APHA laboratory in Weybridge, UK. We now carry out both SAT and ELISA tests. The SAT test shows if the dog has a live infection and the ELISA test shows whether the dog has antibodies. We have so far, thankfully had no positive dogs on either test since we commenced this procedure.

We have, and will continue, sending blood from our dogs in Romania, to the APHA laboratory in the UK prior to any dog travelling.