Paws2Rescue | UK Registered Charity No. 1156882

Paws2Rescue Winter 2017 Campaigns

Saving Lives and Christmas Shoebox Appeal

We are into our fifth year of our winter projects, and this is split into 4 areas:

Prepare for Winter

We are raising donations from September onwards to help rescuers cope throughout emergencies all winter as temperatures drop below -25C and the dogs freeze. Read more…

Save our Seniors

The older dogs simply cannot survive the cold. We have a number of fully assessed dogs over 7 years old desperate for a family home. Read more…

Christmas Shoebox – Merry Fishmas

Our Christmas shoebox appeal for the dogs – send us a shoebox filled with fish treats and food so that the dogs have a special Christmas Day. Read more…

Christmas Shoebox – Orphans Christmas smile

We have chosen 4 orphanages and children’s homes to support this Christmas – send us a shoebox filled with Christmas presents for the children who don’t even have a possession of their own. Read more…

Please see each Project page for more information, and contact us at for more information on how you can help us this winter.


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